Put Patients at the Center of Value Assessment

Through intentional planning and practice, we seek to ensure patients are full participants and equal partners in our research design, execution, and evaluation. As part of IVI’s mission to advance the science and improve the practice of value assessment, we believe:

  • Value assessment must reflect diversity in patient preferences and circumstance.  Not all patients are the same. Patients differ in their individual characteristics, personal preferences, progression of illness, and response to treatments. Value assessments should account for this diversity in order to match the real-world diversity in patient preferences and clinical characteristics.
  • Patients are equal partners in value assessment.  To understand factors that define value for patients, patients and patient organizations must be equal partners in value assessment research. IVI’s Open-Source Value Project puts patients on equal footing with other stakeholders in the development of methods and models.
  • Value assessment methods must include patient experience.  The things that make a treatment more or less valuable to a patient – the chances that it will work for them, the side effects, the impact on daily life, past experiences with treatments, and so on – are often left out of cost-effectiveness analysis and value assessment. IVI works to identify these determinants of value, advance the scientific debate, and build rigorous scientific methods needed for including them in value assessments.

Ultimately, a patient-centered approach to assessing value serves every stakeholder in the health care Marketplace. Providers can better meet the needs of their patients. Payers will compete more successfully by producing higher levels of patient satisfaction, and policy makers will benefit from Marketplace decisions that align more closely with value.

Alan Balch and Darius Lakdawalla, Writing on the Health Affairs Blog

Principles of Patient Partnership

The patient viewpoint must be taken into account when defining value – as they are the ones who are impacted by the recommendations and findings in value assessment models. As part of our Partnering with Patients White Paper, IVI uses five guiding principles of patient partnership to guide our work:

  • Principle 1: IVI will involve multiple patient stakeholders in value assessment.

  • Principle 2: IVI will employ robust methods to identify and involve patient stakeholders.
  • Principle 3: IVI will partner with patient stakeholders at all stages of research.
  • Principle 4: IVI will continuously evaluate and refine patient partnership action.
  • Principle 5: IVI will commit resources for continuous patient engagement.

IVI Patient Resources

For more information on how IVI includes patients in its work, please find the following resources:

Interested in learning more? Please contact us at info@thevalueinitiative.org, or consider becoming a member of our organization. By joining IVI, you can ensure you are part of modernizing value assessment.