Changing How We Model Value in Health Care

Assessing the value of medical technologies often relies on complex mathematical models that provide estimates of benefits, costs, and risks of different options – all before we even arrive at the question of how to define “value.” There are numerous approaches and methods for arriving at these estimates with widely varying assumptions and perspectives.  The result is an abundance of conflicting results that generates confusion, controversy, and lack of trust among decision-makers. This, in turn, impedes efforts to link reimbursement and policy decisions to treatment value.

A new approach is needed: a transparent and open-source system for estimating the value of medical technologies in a way that centers on the patient, allows for a broad range of perspectives, incorporates the latest available evidence, and considers the full range of scientifically defensible approaches.

The Open-Source Value Project is that approach.

Disease-Specific Value Models

IVI develops open-source value models for specific diseases as a laboratory for developing next-generation methods for value assessment. Two models are currently available to examine value of therapies for rheumatoid arthritis and EGFR+ non-small cell lung cancer. A third model is in development for major depressive disorder. Select a model below to start exploring.

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
IVI-MDD Value Model

Four Elements of the Open-Source Value Project

  • Developer Resources. Building blocks for developing state-of-the-science decision models and other value tools made publicly available, and continually developed, improved, and expanded through engagement on the platform.
  • Fully-Constructed Disease-Specific Models. Disease-specific decision models with user-friendly interfaces made available for use and customization of analysis.
  • Tailored Value Assessments. Facilitation services for users in need of specific insights using the available platform models.
  • Building a Community. OSVP is a community of users and subject-matter experts to facilitate best practices and advance the science of value assessment.

How does the Open-Source Value Project work?

Inspired by the open-source software development process, the Open-Source Value Project uses a transparent, collaborative, and iterative process to develop flexible, open-source value models in specific diseases. These models – and the process of developing them – serve as a hands-on laboratory for advancing the science of value assessment, engaging stakeholders in constructive debate, and ultimately building consensus around how value is measured in a diverse and decentralized healthcare system.

An Approach that Drives Innovation in Value Assessment

The Open-Source Value Project is pioneering a new approach to develop value assessment models, one that is designed to drive innovation in the underlying scientific methods and in the process for model development.

  • Continuous Improvement: Models will be continuously improved through the Open-Source Value Project’s cycle of review and revision, a transparent process driven by multi-stakeholder feedback and discussion.
  • Fully Transparent: All model materials, from methods documentation to the source code itself, are freely available for download and use. All stakeholder feedback is publicly released, as are Technical Expert Panel findings and responses to recommendations.
  • Patient-Centered: Patients are a critical voice in developing any tool that may affect health care decision-making, and patient input is a key element of directing the ongoing development of IVI’s open-source tools. See how patients have contributed.
  • Dynamic: Flexible model structures and freedom to download and adapt IVI’s models allows new evidence and new treatments to be readily incorporated into existing frameworks.
  • Consensus-Based: The collaborative  process seeks to implement changes where there is consensus on new approaches, and to build consensus more broadly around methods for measuring and modeling value.

Many Perspectives, Many Values

At the heart of the Open-Source Value Project is a recognition that value varies based on perspective. The perspective of the decision-maker determines what attributes are most important, but regardless of the decision-maker, it is also essential that the information going into a value assessment captures the preferences and perspective of those affected by the decision – especially patients.

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