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Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to improve the way value is measured and rewarded in the healthcare system.
Our GOAL is to promote the development and use of high value interventions that advance health.

Key Principles

In pursuit of our goal, IVI will design, conduct, and disseminate research reflecting five principles:

  • SCIENTIFIC RIGOR. IVI uses contemporary scientific methods to rigorously derive actionable insights directly from both clinical and real-world evidence.

  • TRANSPARENCY. IVI develops open-source tools to promote value-based decision making in healthcare. To facilitate the evaluation and replication of our work, IVI will publicly release research methods, assumptions, results, and external reviews.

  • PATIENT CENTRICITY. IVI engages patients as active participants in value assessments. Our research attends to diversity across patients in their clinical characteristics, preferences, and other circumstances.
  • INNOVATION. IVI examines how new treatment interventions and government policies affect the well-being of society and its stakeholders. We promote approaches that rapidly incorporate the latest scientific evidence in a changing healthcare landscape.
  • MARKET-BASED SOLUTIONS. IVI aims to promote better value-based decision making in a decentralized marketplace, not to use centralized authorities to mandate prices through bureaucratic processes.