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IVI’s Role in Value Assessment

What is high-value healthcare and how do you measure it? While assessing value in healthcare is not a new issue, it needs an upgrade. IVI is dedicated to pushing beyond “good enough” in value measurement by identifying, assessing and utilizing new, more sophisticated and relevant methods to measure value in healthcare. We do this by bringing together all participants in the healthcare system, academics, patients, patient advocates, payers, life sciences companies, providers, delivery systems, and other stakeholders to find common ground in the science and practice of measuring value.

IVI was formed to address the need for multiple approaches to interpreting and understanding value in healthcare. Our premise is that a more robust approach to assessing value – one that incorporates multiple perspectives using open-source data models – can improve the effectiveness and value of healthcare in the United States. IVI has three objectives in this approach:

  1. To combine the resources and talents of all stakeholders;
  2. To ensure that value assessment reflects a wide range of patient experiences and
  3. To accommodate rapidly evolving evidence, including both clinical and real-world data.

Such a bold proposal requires commitment of thought leadership, engaged dialogue and critique and resources – including data, technical contributions and funding. Joining IVI brings organizations from across the healthcare spectrum together for a common purpose: to improve the methods and tools available to assess value in a way that is representative of all perspectives. Join us to build this democratic environment and create value assessment 2.0.

Types of Members

There are multiple ways to collaborate with IVI and join us in our mission to advance the science and improve the practice of value assessment in healthcare.

Organizations and individuals representing both non-profit and for-profit stakeholders with interest in value assessment are eligible to become IVI members. Sectors represented on the Board and in membership include payers, employers, providers, technology and life sciences organizations, researchers, foundations, academics, and patients and families. For more information on IVI’s General Membership, e-mail us at membership@thevalueinitiative.org.
Innovators Circle members are organizations and individuals that have made significant investments or founding contributions in the mission and vision of IVI. In addition to the benefits listed for members above, Innovators Circle members are eligible to serve on the Scientific Advisory Council, and have an opportunity to make recommendations for the Annual Scientific Meeting agenda. Innovators Circle members receive an additional invitation to the Annual Scientific Meeting, as well as acknowledgment on the IVI Website, Annual Scientific Meeting, and select IVI communications. To speak further about how you or your organization can join the Innovators Circle, please contact membership@thevalueinitiative.org.
Some individual researchers, patient/family members, or policymakers may desire to participate as an unaffiliated individual in IVI research and support the organization and its mission. For additional information on joining IVI as an individual member, e-mail us membership@thevalueinitiative.org.

Membership Applications

Membership is on an annual basis; IVI is currently accepting applications for the 2019 year. To apply, please complete an application below. For more information about IVI membership, please contact membership@thevalueinitiative.org.

Organization Application
Individual Application

Membership Benefits

A representative membership across the healthcare system is a cornerstone to IVI’s purpose and goals. IVI members help the Board of Directors establish the strategic direction of the organization and participate in research and translational projects that advance the methods for understanding value in the healthcare system. As IVI continues to grow, members will not only enjoy the first opportunity to review scientific agendas and research findings, but will contribute to exchange of trends, ideas and perspectives from their respective stakeholder sectors. IVI members are:

  • Eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors and committees
  • Eligible to serve on the Patient Advisory Council (Patient and Family organizations)
  • Eligible to vote for the Board of Directors and at the Annual Meeting on any issues presented to members
  • Invited to the Annual Scientific Meeting (cost of meeting includes one representative per organization)
  • Invited to Annual Scientific Trends Webinar
  • Given priority access and member comment period on the Annual White Paper on Research Trends
  • Recipients of the Members-only Newsletter
  • Able to make recommendations to the Scientific Advisory Panel and the Patient Advisory Council
  • Listed (with logo for organizations) on IVI website