IVI Report Examines Imbalances in Health Care Effectiveness Analyses

A new Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) report found that cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs) are disproportionately conducted on pharmaceutical interventions compared to other health care treatments. Learn more about what causes this and the potential policy solutions to achieve better overall balance of CEAs across health care interventions. Read more about the project and results here.

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IVI Releases Protocol for Report on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Health Care

IVI released the research protocol for its first project, which examines the quality of evidence and methods used in cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) in healthcare. The research protocol is available here. This is the first research project in a series that will look at issues of relevance to policy, value assessment practices or methods, economic questions related [...]

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Academic and Industry Leaders Launch Initiative to Study Value in Healthcare

Thought leaders from academia and the healthcare industry today announced the formal launch of the Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI). The goal of IVI is to advance the science of value measurement and technology assessment, develop innovative approaches to link value to pricing, and influence the policy debate to ensure that future spending on healthcare [...]

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IVI and Health Affairs Launch New Featured Topic Series on Health Affairs Blog

Health Affairs blog, in collaboration with IVI, today launched a new featured topic series titled “Drugs and Medical Innovation.” As Health Affairs blog editor Chris Fleming notes in an introductory post, the areas of drugs and medical innovation “have long been central in health care and health policy, and recent developments have heightened their importance even more. The [...]

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Panel of Health Advisors to Determine IVI Research Agenda at Inaugural Meeting in 2016’Q4

When the IVI Panel of Health Advisors convenes its inaugural meeting in the fourth quarter of 2016, it will establish the IVI research agenda for late 2016 and early 2017. Initial research priorities may focus on specific issues in value measurement and policy reforms, with focus on a few particularly salient therapeutic areas. Research priorities [...]

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Special Issue of AJMC on HCV: Access, Value, and Cost of Innovative Therapies

In a special issue of The American Journal of Managed Care (AJMC) on the Hepatitis C virus, released May 2016, IVI authors take up multiple key issues at the intersection of access, cost, and value from recent innovations in HCV treatment in four separate articles: “Does Patient Cost Sharing for HCV Drug Make Sense?" authored by Darius Lakdawalla, [...]

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Measuring the Value of Prescription Drugs

Escalating drug prices have alarmed physicians and the American public and led to calls for government price controls. Less visibly, they have also spawned a flurry of private-sector initiatives designed to help physicians, payers, and patients understand the value of new therapies and thus make better choices about their use. Programs recently introduced or advanced [...]

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The PRISMA Extension Statement for Reporting of Systematic Reviews Incorporating Network Meta-analyses of Health Care Interventions: Checklist and Explanations

The PRISMA statement is a reporting guideline designed to improve the completeness of reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Authors have used this guideline worldwide to prepare their reviews for publication. In the past, these reports typically compared 2 treatment alternatives. With the evolution of systematic reviews that compare multiple treatments, some of them only [...]

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Reforming Medicare’s Dialysis Payment Policies: Implications for Patients with Secondary Hyperparathyroidism

Expanding services covered by a “bundled payment” can also expand variation in the costs of treating patients under the bundle. In this article, Charu Gupta et al.explore this topic further using the Medicare dialysis program as an example. Source: Health Services Research

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