PRESS RELEASE: How Structural Uncertainty Impacts Value Estimates

In a new Value Blueprints research brief, IVI explores the concept of “structural uncertainty,” an important source of uncertainty that is not generally measured or addressed in cost-effectiveness models. In this research brief, we use the IVI-RA model to demonstrate how different structural assumptions lead to varying cost-effectiveness estimates. As our findings make clear, it [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: IVI Illustrates “Insurance Value” Using IVI-RA Model in Latest Research Brief

In a new Value Blueprints research brief, IVI explores the novel concept of “Insurance Value.” New medical technologies not only benefit patients, but also healthy people at risk of future illness. The insurance value arising from the decreased physical risk from illness is a potentially important dimension to consider in value assessment, especially when decisions [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: IVI Launches New Research Brief Series “Value Blueprints”

IVI launches a new research brief series to present research findings and method insights from the OSVP. Let’s sparks a conversation into next-gen value assessment. Read the full press release here.

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IVI’s Jeroen Jensen and Devin Incerti write in the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy

IVI's Lead Scientific Advisor and Lead Economist for the Open-Source Value Platform (OSVP), Jeroen Jansen and Devin Incerti, respectively, collaborate with Jeffery Curtis in a recent article published in the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy about how IVI’s open-source approach to value assessment provides a way to adapt formal assessments of value—long the [...]

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New IVI Research Shows Challenges with ICER Budget Impact Forecasting

IVI research into six pre-2016 ICER studies reveals an overestimation of “unmanaged” drug use and drug cost trends. The peer-reviewed research, published in Value in Health, illustrates the difficulty in predicting budget impact and the consequences of not accounting for uncertainty in value assessment. Read the full article here.

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Budget Criteria And Drug Value Assessments: A Case Of Apples and Oranges?

While the details of value measurement continue to be vigorously debated, nearly unprecedented consensus has emerged over the need to align reimbursement and utilization with value. More controversial, however, is the role of budgetary criteria in determining value and in governing access to health care technologies. The case for adding budgetary tests to measure value [...]

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Rapid Biomedical Innovation Calls for Similar Innovation In Pricing and Value Measurement

Advances in foundational science, technology, and clinical knowledge are driving a revolution in patient care. At the same time, spending on these innovative drugs and devices has increased dramatically. The question is, what—if anything—should be done to regulate this innovation? To balance physician prescribing of state-of-the-art drugs and patient desires to access them with the [...]

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Does a ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Formulary Policy Make Sense

Over the last decade, insurers have increasingly used step therapy or “fail-first,” policies as a strategy to contain pharmaceutical costs. Step therapy requires patients to begin treatment for a medical condition on a typically less expensive drug, and only progress to more costly second-line drugs when the first-line therapy becomes ineffective or inappropriate. Step therapy [...]

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Utility of Cancer Value Frameworks for Patients, Payers, and Physicians

This viewpoint, authored by Dr. Chandra, Dr. Shafrin, and Dr. Dhawan, describes the differences between various cancer value frameworks and provides recommendations for improving them for clinicians, patients, and payers. In recent years, novel cancer therapies have improved the expected survival of patients but have also increased treatment costs. As a result of these increases, [...]

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Relevance of American Society of Clinical Oncology Value Framework Will Be Improved if It Is Based on Network Meta-Analyses

In his letter to the editor, IVI's Jeroen Jansen makes the case in Journal of Clinical Oncology that network meta-analysis is the only transparent framework to help answer the treatment selection question, and urges the ASCO Value Framework Task Force to consider this approach when developing their recommendations. Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology

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