CHEERS to IVI’s Commitment to Transparency

When the updated CHEERS report((Husereau D, Drummond M, Augustovski F, et al. Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards 2022 (CHEERS 2022) Explanation and Elaboration: A Report of the ISPOR CHEERS II Good Practices Task Force. Value In Health. 2022;25(1):10-31.)) encouraged the use of health economic analysis plans (HEAP), we saw this as an opportunity [...]

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Health Care Value Through The Lens Of Patients’ Well-Being

In the concluding IVI and Health Affairs Forefront series post, Jennifer Bright and National Patient Advocate Foundation's Alan Balch write if we are to overcome inertia and truly transform to a value-based healthcare system, we must establish: A shared commitment to patient needs, experiences, and perspectives as key drivers in measuring value; Clarity around exactly [...]

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CHEERS to IVI’s Commitment to Advancing Health Equity in Value Assessment

The Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS) 2022 has been updated to reflect recent developments in economic evaluation methods. The revised report highlights four new standards, including the need to assess how impacts are distributed across different subgroups and priority populations (e.g., individuals of lower socioeconomic status). With growing recognition about how existing [...]

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CHEERS to IVI Principles

ISPOR recently released its 2022 Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS 2022), the first update for health economic modeling reporting methods since 2013. The report includes a 28-item checklist that economic modelers can use in designing studies, and now includes more direction on the intention behind the different standards. Notably, the CHEERS report [...]

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Value Assessment And Decision Making In The Face Of Uncertainty

In the penultimate Health Affairs Forefront series, Mark Linthicum, Richard Chapman, and Jeroen Jansen address uncertainty in healthcare value assessment and decision-making and identify the following opportunities for change: We need a more dynamic approach to value assessment. Economic models should include both parameter and structural uncertainty to fully characterize the implications for decision-making. [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions about the IVI Draft Protocol for Major Depressive Disorder

The Innovation and Value Initiative welcomes public comments on its draft model protocol on major depressive disorder. The deadline to submit comments has been extended to Tuesday, January 25th. This economic model currently under development is part of IVI's Open-Source Value Project (OSVP). You can learn more about the model protocol through IVI's introductory [...]

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Value In Medicaid, Part 2: Challenges Concerning Health-Related Social Needs

In the second of a two-part Health Affairs post, Dr. Anish Mahajan writes about several challenges concerning health-related social needs in the journey to value in Medicaid. He addresses challenges including use of social needs screening tools, case management infrastructure and workflow development. He also cites the need for further research to better align the health and social sectors [...]

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Value In Medicaid, Part 1: Administrative, Regulatory, And Financial Challenges

Part 1 in a two-part blog series by Anish P. Mahajan, MD, the Chief Executive Officer of Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Associate Dean at UCLA-Geffen School of Medicine, examines the administrative, regulatory, and financial challenges to achieving value in the Medicaid program. Read the full article here. The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) has [...]

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Harmonization Of Health Technology Assessment Across The European Union: Lessons For The United States

In the latest piece of the IVI and Health Affairs blog series, Rosanna Tarricone and James Robinson compare the U.S. HTA landscape with experiences in Europe, using it to draw some lessons learned. The authors argue that we should be careful about any effort to centralize HTA. Instead, they recommend that we work on ways [...]

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Pursuing Health Care Value Post-COVID-19: Keep The Focus On Patients

At the midpoint of the Health Affairs and IVI blog series, PCORI's Nakela Cook discusses an essential lesson from the pandemic that must be applied to clinical research, healthcare delivery, and public health – patients must help drive the calculus that policymakers apply to building a more equitable, affordable healthcare system that delivers optimal outcomes. [...]

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