How COVID Can Help Us Refocus On The How And Why Of Value Assessment

Our second post in the Health Affairs blog series explores how value assessment can bridge the gap between healthcare consumption and payment decisions. Mark Linthicum, Darius Lakdawalla, and Chuck Phelps discuss emerging methods to capture scientific spillover, patients’ lived experience, and risk. Read the full blog post here. The Innovation and Value Initiative [...]

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The Future Of Value Assessment In A Post-Pandemic United States

We begin our Health Affairs blog series with the Global Liver Institute’s Donna Cryer sharing insights on how the pandemic has altered our views about how we measure value and how it influences access to quality care. Donna offers three axioms for value assessment: 1) We are all connected; 2) We are all essential; [...]

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Value Must Be Inclusive

Author: Rick Chapman, PhD, Chief Science Officer In the context of value assessment, what does patient representativeness mean? A new infographic from IVI, "Value assessment should serve diverse populations and the organizations that provide their care," shows the wide-ranging breadth of factors that comprise patient representativeness. IVI endeavors to fully integrate the patient experience [...]

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Over the summer, we sat down with Stephanie Marshall, Director of Advocacy from The Assistance Fund to learn more about the organization and their priorities for the future of value assessment. Tell us a little about your organization. The Assistance Fund (TAF) is an independent 501(c)3 patient assistance organization. We help [...]

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IVI Drug Pricing Proposal Statement

Jennifer Bright, Executive Director, Innovation and Value Initiative, issued the following statement on Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats drug pricing proposals. "While exercising government levers to address drug pricing and pricing transparency are needed, the current proposals miss the mark on real solutions to improve affordability and to understand whether healthcare spending actually delivers the [...]

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IVI MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Arthritis Foundation

IVI had a chance to sit down with Anna Hyde, Director of Patient Advocacy at the Arthritis Foundation to discuss the organization's goals and how they are getting involved with value assessment. Tell us a little bit about the Arthritis Foundation and its mission and goals. The Arthritis Foundation is boldly [...]

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Supporting Equity in Value Assessment

Author: Rick Chapman, PhD, Chief Science Officer, IVI How do we ensure that the data and methods used for value assessment adequately account for the diversity of patients and the urgent need to correct inequities in the health care system – and society in general? Without explicit attention to these issues, health technology assessment [...]

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What Distinguishes IVI’s Approach to Value Assessment?

Author: Rick Chapman, PhD, Chief Science Officer, IVI Policymakers continue to grapple with finding the right approaches to curtailing drug costs and improving health care. Organizations that conduct value and health technology assessment (HTA) are grappling with finding the right approaches, too. IVI has created a new infographic to illustrate our patient-centered approach to [...]

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Toward Equity in Value Assessment: Paths Forward

Author: Jennifer Bright, MPA, Executive Director, IVI "Poor value assessment hardwires inequity into health." - Michelle McMurry-Heath, MD, PhD; Biotechnology Innovation Organization - Session 1: Meaningful Action Toward Health Equity IVI's three-part series on health equity and value assessment concluded earlier this month, and we're proud to have convened these thoughtful dialogues among diverse experts [...]

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Q&A with IVI’s Executive Director, Jennifer Bright

Ms. Bright brings over two decades of health care policy, issue management, patient advocacy, and executive leadership to the role. She is also founder and President of Momentum Health Strategies and has formerly served as executive director of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America, representing physician, advanced practice nurse, and researcher [...]

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