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IVI Comment Letter on ICER’s Proposed Methods for Curative Therapies

IVI submitted comments to ICER regarding proposed methodological changes for assessments of the value of single or short-term transformative (SST) therapies. IVI emphasized the need for ICER to address the potential use of its findings by decision makers, specifically when short-term budget estimates may discourage investment in therapies with high long-term value, including careful consideration [...]

2019-09-16T12:50:24-06:00September 16th, 2019|IVI News|

PRESS RELEASE: How Structural Uncertainty Impacts Value Estimates

In a new Value Blueprints research brief, IVI explores the concept of “structural uncertainty,” an important source of uncertainty that is not generally measured or addressed in cost-effectiveness models. In this research brief, we use the IVI-RA model to demonstrate how different structural assumptions lead to varying cost-effectiveness estimates. As our findings make clear, it [...]

2019-09-04T11:46:29-06:00September 4th, 2019|IVI News, Press, Publications|

2-Minute Drill: Jeroen Jansen on How to Improve Value Assessment

At the 2019 ISPOR conference, Jeroen Jansen sat down with AJMC to explain the current state of value assessment and how by putting patients at the frontend of analysis, we can better quantify the value of a treatment. Watch the brief interview here.

2019-08-06T17:28:52-06:00August 6th, 2019|IVI News|

Watch Devin Incerti Discuss the Need for Adaptable Value Assessment Approaches

Devin Incerti sat down with the AJMC media team at the 2019 ISPOR conference to discuss how value is context-specific and therefore value assessment should be too. Watch the interview here.

2019-08-06T17:30:12-06:00August 4th, 2019|IVI News|

How IVI is Bringing Value to Cancer Care

After the release of the public comments for IVI-NSCLC, Managed Healthcare Executive took a look at IVI's open-source model focusing on non-small lung cancer and how it will bring healthcare executives insight into value that otherwise wouldn't exist with traditional models. Read the full article here.

2019-08-01T17:25:00-06:00August 2nd, 2019|IVI News, Viewpoints|

PRESS RELEASE: IVI Illustrates “Insurance Value” Using IVI-RA Model in Latest Research Brief

In a new Value Blueprints research brief, IVI explores the novel concept of “Insurance Value.” New medical technologies not only benefit patients, but also healthy people at risk of future illness. The insurance value arising from the decreased physical risk from illness is a potentially important dimension to consider in value assessment, especially when decisions [...]

2019-07-24T23:44:17-06:00July 25th, 2019|IVI News, Press|

PRESS RELEASE: IVI Releases Public Comments on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Value Tool

Thank you for your comments! IVI has released all public feedback received during the open comment period for the IVI-NSCLC model - our open-source platform to assess therapy sequences for EGFR+ non-small cell lung cancer. In the spirit of IVI's mission of collaboration, commitment to transparency, and dedication to iterative improvement, we look forward to [...]

2019-07-18T13:08:44-06:00July 18th, 2019|IVI News, Press|

5 Steps to Build an Active Learning System for Value Assessment

In the wake of this year's ISPOR conference, IVI's Executive Director, Jennifer Bright, reflects on how to move value assessment from a static snapshot in time to an active learning approach. She discusses the following five steps to improving value assessment: Take the transparency challenge. Embrace flexibility. Allow for iteration. Improve incorporation of non-clinical data. [...]

2019-07-01T16:23:22-06:00July 1st, 2019|IVI News, Viewpoints|

Heard at ISPOR: Wide Ranging Podcast with IVI on Advanced Value Assessment Methods and the QALY Controversy

The IVI team sat down with the Journal of Clinical Pathways while at ISPOR for an in-depth discussion about why advanced value assessment is needed and how it’s progressing. The team also discussed the QALY – what it is and whether it can be improved. To listen to the podcast or read the transcript, click [...]

2019-06-12T12:48:09-06:00June 12th, 2019|IVI News, Press|

IVI Comments on ICER’s 2020 Value Assessment Framework

As part of the public input process, IVI submitted comments on the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review’s (ICER) 2020 Value Assessment Framework. In May, ICER invited public comments as part of their process to update methods that underpin ICER reports. In summary, IVI wrote that value assessment must: • Provide flexible models that can [...]

2019-06-11T18:13:42-06:00June 11th, 2019|IVI News|