An Open-Source Approach Will Drive Healthcare Value Assessment 2.0

2018-11-15T09:14:57-06:00June 14th, 2018|IVI News, Viewpoints|

Measuring value in healthcare, which frequently takes the perspective of a single payer managing population health and costs, needs to evolve to include diverse perspectives and provide relevant and actionable information on value to healthcare decision makers, according to a new article written by IVI’s Mark Linthicum, Jennifer Bright and Jason Shafrin and published in the Journal of Clinical Pathways.

In the article, the authors write that the Open-Source Value Project is used to develop disease-specific decision models designed to provide scientifically valid and flexible approaches to quantify value. These tools allow users – particularly health plans, employers, and health systems — to evaluate different treatment sequences based on a user-customizable recipe for calculating value. Importantly, users are able to include determinants of value prioritized by patients living with the disease, a unique component of such assessment tools.

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