Our members are the intellectual leaders shaping the national dialogue on value in healthcare.

IVI is a broad collaboration between a wide range of healthcare industry stakeholders who are dedicated to preserving innovation, value, and choice in the healthcare system. To pursue this mission, IVI has assembled a peerless network of thought leaders and scientific experts on a multi-stakeholder Strategic Advisory Panel. This panel represents academia, patient advocates, payers, pharmaceutical companies, providers, delivery systems, and other organizations. Only by bringing together scientific expertise and practical insights from all, can we improve the US healthcare system for the better.

IVI is changing the way we think about value in healthcare. Are you ready to get involved?

  • Why do we need IVI?

    Medical advances have dramatically expanded the possibilities for treating diseases like HIV, heart disease, certain cancers, hepatitis C, and the like.  At the same time, the healthcare system is riddled with care that provides too little value.

    So how do we make sure that the American healthcare system preserves the capacity to continually develop new breakthroughs, while driving out the waste? This is no simple question. For every treatment advance that is taken to market, 10 development paths fail. Indeed, most research suggests that the cost of innovating is rising.

    Some look overseas for a solution.  They argue that the decentralized US system cannot overcome a fragmented payer marketplace, or the separation between payers, providers, and manufacturers.  Proposed solutions include centralized single- or public-payer systems for evaluating healthcare technology, negotiating prices, and paying for care.  Fed by skepticism about the efficiency of the US healthcare marketplace, others make the case that value can be measured outside the market and applied across a wide spectrum of patients and providers.  This approach runs counter to the teachings of economics, which argues that value can be measured only within a marketplace, by the market participants that know it best.

    Yet, there remains reason for optimism in the US healthcare marketplace.  Payers, providers, and drug manufacturers have all begun to focus in earnest on the need to align prices with value.  Experiments with innovative payment schemes have demonstrated that providers with the right incentives from payers and manufacturers can successfully shift resources to higher value uses.   Moreover, the science of value assessment is also catching up. 

    What is needed is a new voice in the health policy discussion — a highly credible scientific organization that partners with all the key stakeholders including patient advocates, payers, providers and professional societies, employers, integrated delivery networks, and manufacturers. Such an organization must build the case for broader conceptions of value and solutions to the problem of achieving high-value care.  The alternative is a more tightly controlled healthcare system with fewer choices for patients and fewer opportunities for private firms to innovate.

  • How will IVI affect the healthcare system?
    • IVI will develop, test, and demonstrate the benefits of evidence-based proposals for improving the US healthcare system.
    • To ensure the practical impact of this research, IVI brings together diverse viewpoints from academia, patients, payers, pharmaceutical companies, providers, delivery systems, and other stakeholders.
    • The findings of this work are disseminated simultaneously through a variety of high-impact channels: peer-reviewed journals, white papers, blog posts, working group meetings, policy briefings and other forums.
    • As IVI leverages leaders from across academia, government and the healthcare industry, its work is championed and brought to the attention of the health care system’s key decision makers.

    Ultimately, IVI aims to ensure that patients in the US receive the highest quality, highest value care in the world.

  • How can I or my organization become a member of IVI?

    For more information about becoming a member, contact

  • By joining IVI, members have the opportunity to influence the future of the US healthcare system, helping ensure that the US healthcare system will take care of future generations of patients.
  • Members will help in developing new perspectives that can revolutionize how the performance and effectiveness of the US Healthcare system.
  • Members will have the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed individuals from a number of different sectors to create collaborative solutions that improve health for all Americans. They will participate in discussions surrounding how best to design and test leading-edge approaches to measuring and rewarding value in the marketplace, and how best to influence the ongoing health policy debate around value.
  • IVI membership gives members access to highly respected stakeholders from academia, patient advocacy groups, foundations, payer groups, pharmaceutical companies, delivery systems and other organizations.
  • With the support of a diverse panel of health advisors, members will be able to win credibility with policy makers, showing an ability to address healthcare issues in collaboration with other stakeholders through a nonpartisan, unbiased approach rooted in science.

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