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Our MISSION is to improve the way value is measured and rewarded in the healthcare system.
Our GOAL is to promote the development and use of high value interventions that advance health.

The Value Debate

Scientific, technological, and clinical advances are driving a revolution in patient care – but spending on health care also continues to increase. Most observers agree that change is needed in order to link health care spending to value rather than volume, but determining how to make this link quickly leads to debate and disagreement. What defines value? Value to whom? And how do we measure it?

A New Approach

The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) was created to raise the level of discussion regarding value in health care and find common ground in the approach to measuring value. The U.S health system is diverse, complex, and ripe for innovation. IVI brings together health care leaders from academia, patient advocacy organizations, payers, life sciences companies, providers, delivery systems, and patient communities to advance approaches to value that fit the American context.

Patients are likely to continue to be asked to take more responsibility for their healthcare…it is time to shift the discussion toward helping patients understand what value actually means in choosing their health care and discharging their financial responsibilities.

Alan Balch and Darius Lakdawalla, Writing on the Health Affairs Blog

The Open-Source Value Project

IVI is leading the development of flexible, open-source modeling platforms to better understand and measure the value of health care interventions.

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Make Your Voice Heard

The goal of the Open-Source Value Project is to develop approaches to measuring value that incorporate the perspectives of all stakeholders – but we can only do that if you make your perspective known. Learn more about the Open-Source Value Project development process and how you can contribute.

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The Patient Perspective

The patient perspective is central to the economic assessment of value in health care, but it is not always well reflected in value assessment. IVI works to align the science of value assessment with patient perspectives

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Latest News

IVI was founded in the belief that an informed and dispassionate dialogue around value assessment is essential to the future vitality of the American health care system. Through our research and publications, we are leveraging evidence and influencing the national dialogue about value.

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